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    Ultimate Surrender Season 6 Championship Match! For all the Marbles!

    Season 7's Championship Match up! The only non-scripted real wrestling on the net. 28 girls participated, now it's down to the final two.

    The Dragon, undefeated, meets (The Model) Jenni Lee.

    Jade Marxxx takes on Chyna White. Quickness over size. hmm. . .

    The Wild Child faces new comer, Seven

  • Ultimate Surrender
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  • Women Catfight
  • Crimson Ninja and Darling go at it. Who gets fucked?

    Rookie blond gets destroyed on the mat, made to cum during wrestling! Totally defeated sexually and physically! Brutal submissions!

    BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS! TAG TEAM ACTION: Last seasons top 4 battle in brutal Tag Team Action! Final Wrestling round!

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  • women catfight
  • RD3 of the amazing August Tag Team Live Match up: Which team wants the win more? Which team will bring the pain? Which team will lose, humiliated?

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    Round 1 of the TAG TEAM Championship Match up. The most exciting fight of the year! NINJA'S vs DRAGONS

  • Women catfight
  • Winner makes the loser eat her pussy, after kicking her ass!

    2 very skilled wrestlers battle it out in the Semi-Finals. Brutal 1 sided victory, the winner totally dominating her helpless opponent! Non-scripted!

    The wrestling is real & un-scripted, unexpected things can happen at a moments notice. Injuries are part of the sport, & the sport is brutal.

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    SUMMER VENGEANCE SINGLE ELIMINATION TOURNEY: 14th vs 13th - Hot blonde takes it to feisty redhead. Kick her ass on the mat, brutal submissions holds.

  • women catfight
  • women catfight
  • Women Catfight
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